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FALL 2023

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Seasoned Physician Author
of Medical Mysteries and Thrillers

Tony Scott, MD

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Another page-turner from a seasoned physician-author
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Faith Pernitelli, a young obstetrician, remains a trouble magnet.  Or, as her husband puts it, keep from stepping in dog poop.
This time, Faith is confronted by two patients who die without an apparent cause, one following a delivery, and the other after a contraceptive office visit.
First, Faith has to figure out how they died.  Then she has to figure out why they died.
With her tried and true friend, Police Chief Penny Whitefox, she digs into her small eastern New Mexico community for answers, encounters perilous obstacles, both medical and political, to come to the shocking conclusion.

Fast Paced Medical Thriller

Doing the right thing has severe repercussions in this intense and powerful medical thriller featuring a strong neurodivergent protagonist.


New physician Dr. Faith Pernitelli is establishing herself in a rural New Mexico town known for its peaceful ambience. But when a patient accuses another provider of heinous crimes, she discovers how little people want to hear the blaring truth. With her new friend, Chief of Police Penny Whitefox, she wethers the storm of resistance to bringing the culprit to justice.


Morality is at the center of this drama-driven book that will have readers questioning: What would you do to support the truth when there’s everything important to lose?

Front cover medical thriller fiction about sexual abuse in health care.
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A Medical Thriller

Follow Dr Faith Pernitelli, a fresh medical school graduate, as she starts her training in Ob-Gyn, motivated, excited, and eager to become an excellent obstetrician. Her marriage to a high-risk obstetrics specialist is in shambles, romantic advances come from a co-worker, and her landlord forces her to move. The COVID pandemic turns life upside down. Challenged by her patients' critical illnesses and deaths, the threat of the virus to herself and her colleagues, and her husband's turbulent struggle with fentanyl washes over her. Can she land on her feet? Who will survive and who will die?

      Man lives on a timeline in a Physical World where time governs all aspects of our lives.  We don’t determine when we are born or when we die, we can’t speed time up, slow it down, or reverse it.  Events in our lives happen in a fixed sequence, we can’t see the future, and we can only be one place at a time.

God has no timeline, is outside of time, and is not confined to time.          The Spiritual Realm has no clock or calendar.  God has always existed and will always exist.  God has no beginning and no end.  He is everywhere all the time.

      Take a Deep Dive into the scriptures to see why this is true, how the differences explain confusing passages of scripture, and see communication conduits between the Physical World with time and the Spiritual Realm without it. 

      This rigorous Bible study, with more than 400 scriptural footnotes, will open your eyes and bring you closer to God.  So grab your Bible and enjoy the read.


A Cozy Medical Mystery

    How can a baby with perfectly normal prenatal care and perfectly normal ultrasounds be born with a lethal heart defect.  Did the doctor make mistakes?

   Roots in dysfunctional single-parent nightmare, Ginger Hyde has a normal baby.  In her desire to have a second, a boy is born who has a lethal defect.  Complicated by her doctor being her husband's uncle, her arduous time far from home seeking care for her dying baby, she seeks help from her husband's aunt, who ultimately leads to the secret.

    A heart-warming story of complex family tubulence in a small New Mexico town comes to an amazing conclusion.

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About The Author

Dr Scott is a retired obstetrician and anesthesiologist who writes from deep inside the intricacies of medical practice in small towns.  He practiced for forty years in rural communities of Missouri and New Mexico, delivered thousands of children, and managed countless complicated pregnancies.  He grew up in Colorado, went to the University of Colorado in Boulder, to medical school at Washington University in St Louis, did an anesthesiology residency at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and trained in obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University in New York City.  He currently resides near St Louis.

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